Meetings are arranged Monthly by the secretary and members are informed of the date and the venue. To read more about DUN and purpose, read more below.

The purpose of the Disability United Network (DUN) is to provide a platform to bring all interested stakeholders together who are addressing / concerned with disability related issues in order to:
 share best practices,
 encourage policy implementation and change where necessary (in accordance and compliance with Namibia’s policy and legal framework, including the UNCRPD),
 collaborate, and coordinate efforts which improve services and programmes for individuals with disabilities and their families,
 ultimately increasing equality and improving quality of life.
Membership / Composition
Membership is open to all interested bodies / organisations / institutions regardless of their registration status. This includes but is not limited to representatives from:
 Government ministries
 NGOs / Civil Society organisations / OPDs
 Service providers
 Early Childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions
 Other interested parties
Please contact us if you would like to know more or are interested to join!
Contact: David Hughes
Phone: 081 364 3551

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